Books I love and recommend…

No More Mister Nice Guy - Robert Glover

Anxiously Attached - Jessica Baum

Great, little book about staying on the path to mastery and learning to “love the plateaus”, as you will spend most of your life there…breakthroughs are temporary and fade, but working day-to-day at the new level of living is the real work and has the most benefits.

Some therapists and coaches I know, trust & highly recommend.

Liz Frost, RP

Liz is a psychotherapist in the Midland area with a strong emphasis on Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness approaches, but with skills and years of experience in many other areas, including couples counselling, trauma and addictions.

Both online and in-person sessions.

Alesya Courtnage, RP

Aleysa is a psychotherapist and trainer in Hamilton who practices from a Solution-Focused Therapy perspective for women.

Both online and in-person sessions.

Avrum Nadigel, MSW

Avrum is a marriage and family therapist, informed by Bowen Family Systems Theory, with a practice in mid-town Toronto.

Diane O’Reilly, ADHD Life Coach

Diane works in the Oakville area as an ADHD Life Coach with both individuals and groups.

Both online and in-person sessions.