Why Thinking in Public

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Thoughts come and go. I try to write down many of them. I tell my dear wife, son, friends and family ad nauseam of my latest ponderings. I have developed complex digital systems to quickly capture interesting things I find on the internet, in print publications, podcasts, etc., add my own interpretations and save to places like Evernote.

Over time, though, it starts to feel like I am more of a collector or librarian than actually creating anything new. So, it was in a mastermind group I am part of that I recently vowed to starting “thinking more publicly”. If my ideas are good enough to collect and organize for some important future purpose, at least some of them are worthy of being shared publicly. I thought I would start that process here.

I don’t know what this will look like down the road, but it is better that I have started sharing than keep adding to my informational indigestion.

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