Getting to Completion with “Topic Lock”

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Choices are hard, yet seductive. I like to “keep my options open”, but this usually ends up with me procrastinating and not getting things done. There are many things that get in the way of completing work, but usually committing to too much is pretty high on the list.

In his podcast, Cortex, CGP Grey talks about his yearly theme of “clearing the decks” and this intriguing idea of “topic lock”. It is not complex, mostly that he commits to doing 3 projects at a time and all offshoot ideas that come from these projects need to “go back below decks”.

It is really just having good boundaries.

I am working to compartmentalize my multitude of projects and, worse, ideas for projects, but my plan is to focus on fewer projects, with an emphasis on completion. My getting this post out of my head/Evernote and in a public space is a good start!

You can listen to the full podcast in the player below or just the segment that I am referring to.

156: Average Content Cortex

Grey and Myke discuss some of the features from WWDC that excited them, and consider the impact of Apple integrating AI tools directly into iOS. Myke also provides an update on his email and notification experiments.
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