My Derek Sivers Love

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Yeah, I said it, I love Derek Sivers. More specifically, I love the work he does and how he does it. He is a thoughtful, deep thinker, great writer, world traveller, musician, successful businessman…the list goes on.

What impresses me more than that, though, is that he is not a stereotype of any of those things. He is fairly counter-cultural, in the sense that he supports and uses things because they make sense to him, not because it is “what you do” or popular. I find when I hear or read his work it can challenge me and make me think about it differently. This is important to me and does not happen to me as often as I would like.

Besides his website, his work can be found in TED Talks and on YouTube. I especially enjoyed his book Anything You Want. He is challenging me more and more lately, though, as he is coming out with new projects that are right in the wheelhouse of what I am aspiring to do myself: he has started blogging more regularly and, just today, I got a newsletter from him that he has started a daily podcast.

I am looking forward to consuming more from Derek and may post more of the ideas generated from his thoughts going forward.

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